Since 2001, women in the San Diego County have trusted ICONS Boutique as the premier personalized shopping resource for finding the perfect outfit, building a wardrobe that works together, and an honest opinion of what styles work for their shapes. Meet the faces behind the boutique!

JENNA: ICONS Owner & Closet Rehab Guru

My favorite wine is: anything red!

My dream destination: is somewhere tropical with turquoise blue waters.

My celebrity crush is: the always classy, never trashy Audrey Hepburn!

I have been in business: almost 20 years, and I loved every single one.

I opened ICONS, because: I like to make women feel good and guide them with their styling needs. My mantra is trend conscious, but not trendy.



Meet the puppies! We can't wait to meet you!


ROMEO: ICONS Brown Haired Main Pup

On a Friday night I like to: curl up with my mom and a glass of red wine.

My favorite food: is anything that falls off your plate.

Beach or mountains? I grew up in Buffalo, NY, but I hate the snow! I'm a beach dog.

My celebrity crush is: Lassie, because she is adventurous and has a shiny coat.

If I were a dessert: I would be a marble swirl brownie, because it matches my fur!

My favorite brand at ICONS: is Pure Amici. It’s so cozy to lay on.


Cicchetti: ICONS #1 Puppy Diva

I was named after: tapas style meals from my parent’s Italian honeymoon.

My celebrity crush is: Pluto! Like me, he is a good dog who likes to have fun.

My guilty pleasure is: watching all the Real Housewives with my mom!

Squeaky or bouncy toy: Why not a bouncy toy that also squeaks?

Car ride or a long walk? Long walks past the restaurants with tasty smells.

The best place to be is: at the from door of ICONS to get belly rubs.


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